October Training

October, 2018

News ImageBy popular request our Leadership and Management Training is coming on again this October. Do you have Line Management responsibilities or would you like to know more about the Training?

Send an email to or call our office on 0540115588/ 0202099071 for further enquiries

Leadership & Management Workshop

18th - 20th July, 2018

News ImageDo you have Line Management responsibilities or would you like like to know more on Leadership & Management?

If Yes, then join us on the 18th-20th July, 2018 for this year's three (3) day Leadership & Management Workshop.

Leadership & Management - Team Building/ Motivation/ Creativity/ Innovation

17th July, 2018

News ImageThis interactive practical session assists forward thinking teams to develop more of their unfulfilled potentials of both individual members and the team as a whole.

Do join us on 17th July, 2018 for this session.

Leadership & Management - Conflict Resolution and Stakeholder Focus

13th July, 2018

News ImageWe believe that, using the right approach to solve conflicts in the office helps make the workplace conducive enough for working and keeps individual's internal and external focus in check.

You will get to know more about the right structures to put in place when you join us on 13th July, 2018.

Leadership & Management - Target Setting & Goals Roll Down

12th July, 2018.

News ImageIn order to achieve your target, you need to strategically plan a process that helps you establish and implement your goals and that of the company's.

Join us on 12th July, 2018 so we educate you more on how to set targets and the steps to take in achieving them.

Leadership & Management - Active Listening, Effective Communication, Assertiveness

11th July, 2018

News ImageMake a date with us on 11th July, 2018 to learn how to assert yourself in your Leadership position and Communicate effectively with your team members in alignment with Company's mission statement.

Founder of RecTrain Limited Wins The International Business Woman Award…

May 2015

News ImageGenevieve Puni, CEO of RecTrain Limited wins the International Business Woman 2015 Award in the International Business Woman category at the Women For Africa Awards UK. The event was held on Saturday, 9th May 2015 at the The Great hall – Kensington.

“No one is more deserving of this Award than Genevieve and I am so proud of you” said Ronke Lawal, the CEO of her PR company Ariatu PR who nominated Genevieve for this prestigious award.

Genevieve has worked in Human Resources within both the private and public arena for over 12 years. She believes that the need for economic growth and business development is crucial for the long-term success of Africa's position in the global business arena and therefore she is at the forefront of making this happen on the continent.

There is the “need for the 'Brain Drain' dynamic to reach the core of African business and understands that there are individuals in the UK, Europe & the USA and in Africa itself who are keen to be part of Africa's long term economic growth”, She comments.

By assessing clients' needs and criteria, RecTrain Limited is able to use its unique selection methods to review some of the best professionals and graduates on its database. By recognising the potential in these individuals, Genevieve hopes to increase awareness of the positive change that Africa is currently undergoing. There is a new dawn for change, individuals no longer have to look to the West for better jobs, and Africa is now offering a brighter future on the horizon.

‘Women for Africa’ was born from a 20 year desire and passion to see women honoured and appreciated in a celebratory way. Everywhere you go in life you see women. Focused, driven, determined, ambitious, resourceful, passionate, talented, inspiring are just some of the characteristics that are embedded in these women.

Africa has over 40 countries and a large number of women who are unique and different in their own individual ways. Women of all walks of life tend to face a lot of challenges in today’s society and we feel it is time this is recognised, hence the reason why we are launching to celebrate and encourage African women. The ‘Women For Africa Awards UK’ seeks to honour and award a number of women from African countries.

Genevieve is humbled and honoured to have won this award and will continue to make a difference within our African continent.