Careful preparation is one of the keys to a successful interview

Although the interview process is one which is with inherent unknown factors, it is still the most vital part of the recruitment process. Making the right impression with an interviewer will make the difference between a job offer and rejection, so it is a good idea to do your homework well before you meet with your potential employer.

Some interviews will be relaxed, some more structured and sophisticated, but the same basic ground rules will always apply:

Before – interview
  • Research on the company via website or other social medial platform. If not give them a call and request for it via email
  • Review job description of the role and if not available research online for similar or same role functions
  • Ensure you have the name and job title of the person you are meeting
  • Dress appropriately – possibly suit for men and skirt suit or dress for ladies, first impressions count!
  • Give yourself time to arrive early and to allow for traffic delays or getting lost
  • Be punctual, arrive 10 minutes early and let the receptionist know you have arrived
  • Take a spare copy of your CV and read it through again in case you get asked about it


At the interview
  • Be enthusiastic and show you are reasonably informed about the organisation and the role
  • Take the interview seriously, your attitude is every bit as important as your qualifications
  • Listen when the interviewer is talking but by all means ask intelligent and/or searching questions
  • Be honest, but also ensure you actively promote your skills and potential
  • Avoid one-word answers, especially “no”
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, say so, or if you do not understand the question always ask for clarification
  • If you have any doubts about the vacancy or the company you should keep them to yourself during the interview
  • Do not criticize previous employers
  • As the interview draws to a close ask how you have done if the interviewer seems evasive or negative ask them to explain their reservations for you to positively respond outlining your strengths


After the interview
  • Follow up with a call or an email to appreciate the opportunity given and for their time.
  • Do further research on new information gathered during the interview that may come in handy should you be offered the role.


IMPORTANT NOTE: It is a two-way process – The Company interviews you and you can interview the Company

For an in-depth and practical session to get a better understanding of how to nail the job interview, you can book a one on one session with a consultant.

Alternatively, attend our “Get Employed” session delivered by our career trainers, who have the necessary experience to help you with your CV, interview and presentation skill.


Job Seeker Services

“We aim to provide our candidates with independent, confidential and professional advice to help them achieve their job searching objectives.”

Our job seeker service (one on one or part of a group) is designed for all types of people; from fresh graduates in need of grooming to begin the job searching journey, to the employed who wish to change career path. We will assist you:

  • Create a cover letter and cv, which will help you get noticed
  • Apply for jobs, call employers, and make speculative and specific applications
  • Learn how to complete a competency-based application
  • Look at ways to find and apply for hidden jobs, internships, and placement opportunities
  • Learn about new job sector trends
  • Prepare for job interviews (pre, during and post)
  • Get an overview of assessment options – psychometric test, skype/telephone interviews, networking, careers fairs and more.
  • Understand your motivation and what job suits you.
  • Identify transferable skills and resources.
  • Master presentations and public speaking skills
  • Learn what recruiters look for and gain the confidence to succeed at interviews.

Please book your session with a consultant.

Session with a consultant

Please book your session with a consultant.

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