It seems like a good idea to… Who mooted such a brilliant idea? That’s what progressive companies do to achieve corporate objectives.

A corporate event planning company once received a different kind of brief from one of clients – to assist the company utilized team building to achieve set annual goals. On receiving this brief, the team were super excited at this challenge to sustain actions put in place to enable the business thrive especially coming off a global pandemic.

The team was geared into action by meeting with the client to understand the brief and clarify any unclear areas. With that out of the way, the team began planning for this corporate event with a number of brainstorm sessions. Once a draft plan was devised and an action plan developed, the team presented to the client who made amendment to suit new developments and budgetary issues. After a few days of client deliberation, the decision was taken to approve the draft plan, budgets and dates finalized. The planning team then moved on to prepare for the session – obtaining logistics and materials; confirming booked vendors. With the check list drawn, nothing was left amiss.  The team was poise to execute a successful two-day session.

The objectives were clear and the team set out to implement activities that ensure the desired results. Interspersing activities with exercises that exceeded the client’s expectation, the event ended with satisfaction for both parties. The overall feedback from the company and its participants was positive and set objectives was largely achieved.

From the account above, one could tell that there was

  1. Appropriate communication and clarity from the start;
  2. Clear distinct goals and objectives
  3. Adequate planning and preparation towards the event
  4. Proper decision making
  5. Mapped out contingency plan

Any corporate event can easily go awry if not adhered to the five pointers mentioned above. Many factors must be taken into consideration and certain mistakes must be avoided at all cost.

RecTrain Services Limited provides among others, corporate event planning services – Conferences, Strategy sessions, Team away days, Company/Product launches, the list goes on. Paying attention to details is one aspect of the service we do not take lightly and we aim to give you more than you bargained for. Check out our revamped website – and learn more about our corporate event planning service with experiences shared.

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